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Happy holidays!

As the holiday season begins and we approach the end of the year, we would like to take some time to reflect back on all that has happened this term at Ethica!

In October, Lucy (our Editor-in-Chief) single-handedly built Ethica up from a team of 1 at the start of Michaelmas term to a team of 18. We have come a long way in what is only 3 months! Of our team of 18, we have 6 exec members and 12 editors. We are lucky to have members across all year groups at Lancaster, all with an interest in philosophy!

One of Ethica’s major achievements this term was setting up our blog! Established only a few weeks ago in November, we already have 6 blog posts published, with contributions from members of the exec and staff in the PPR department at Lancaster. Special thanks go to Dr Neil Manson, Ryan Bartle and Dr Sam Clark for their help and support in the form of 3 wonderful blog posts! We would also like to express gratitude to Nick Lawler, with whom an interview has already been conducted. Keep your eyes peeled, this will be published sometime in the coming weeks!

We have also had some great moments together as a team this term. Highlights include the many moo-offs that have taken place, the Christmas meal (picture below!) and our Secret Santa!

We look forward to many more terms of success, progress, growth, fun, laughs and moo-offs! We also look forward to opening our submissions for the journal on January 1st and reading all the wonderful essays that we hope to receive! We are excited for what 2022 will bring for Ethica.

If you celebrate Christmas, we hope you have had a happy ‘Christmas Eve’ Eve!

P.S. For those who do celebrate Christmas, or enjoy Christmas themed things, below is a cute philosophy and Christmas related thing!

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