About Us

Ethica: The Lancaster Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy is a peer-reviewed journal managed by Lancaster University undergraduates. We seek original and creative contributions in all areas of philosophy and publish up to 12 exceptional papers in one edition annually. Contributions may take the form of a paper or review. Please see our ‘Submissions’ section for further guidance.


All papers will receive valuable and constructive feedback regardless of their submission status, making submissions worthwhile. Some entries may be requested to reexamine areas of their work and resubmit following extensive feedback from our editing team. Founded in 2020, we have only one prior journal edition to include, but please find sample work on our website under 'Past Publications' to demonstrate the quality of work that we are expecting to publish.

How Does it Work?

Submissions open annually on the 1st January and the deadline is the 1st March. All papers will receive quality feedback from our team of reviewers within a month of 1st March. Every essay is assessed anonymously and by a minimum of 2 reviewers to ensure that the papers are fairly and thoroughly read. We may request certain entries to adhere to our feedback and resubmit. The deadline for resubmission is 1st May. Any papers accepted to Ethica will be published on 1st July, and can be found on our website in the 'Past Publications' section. All authors who are successfully published in the journal will be able to get their hands on a paper copy of the journal at a discounted price.

Meet the Team