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Ethica, Volume 3, Issue 2

This issue is the second of 2023 and a little different from our previous publications. It is a collection of critical analyses covering ideas from philosophers like Plato and more contemporary scholars like Miranda Fricker and Susan Wolf.

Ethica, Volume 3, Issue 1

This publication marks a trilogy of volumes! We hope that you, our reader, find this collection of papers both thought-provoking and informative, and that it serves as a catalyst for new ideas and philosophical inquiry. The essays come from undergraduates studying (or who studied) at many different universities, including institutions in Canada, England, The Netherlands, Denmark, the United States, Belgium, and Scotland.

Ethica, Volume 2

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our second issue. We are proud to present some insightful and knowledgeable essays within a range of philosophical topics, including impartiality, idealism, freedom, and content moderation.

Ethica, Volume 1

We are very thankful to all who contributed to our first issue and we are proud to present some truly original and thoughtful essays on a range of interesting philosophical issues, including consciousness, consent, testimony, and genetic modification.

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