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Consuming philosophy through mediums other than books!

Philosophy can be a daunting subject to start exploring; classic texts can seem overwhelming to understand. Fear not! Philosophy is more accessible than ever with multiple formats for you to explore your philosophical curiosities!

Here are a few of the mediums I love to use to dig into philosophy. Using these mediums help me add philosophy into my daily routine, making learning quick and easy!

YouTube channels

If you have time to kill, YouTube videos can perfectly fit into any space you would like to fill. From quick 5 minute introductions or longer deep-dives into concepts and ideas, here are some YouTube channels I love which present philosophy in an entertaining and enjoyable way...

Sisyphus 55

Using comedic wit, Sisyphus 55 presents introductions to key philosophers, examining their lives and ideas. Some of his works include personal video essays and studies on quirky characters and philosophical concepts.

Recommended playlists:


Alex presents accessible debates and video essays on topics such as the philosophy of religion, free will and animal rights. He has also created videos in discussion with key philosophers of today, such as Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins! He provides interesting criticisms and general explorations of philosophy in a very eloquent format.

Recommended series:

Public Events (debate and discussion)


Mystiverse presents witty video essays on interesting philosophical and scientific questions. Mystiverse has an undeniable wit and generally hilarious existential mindset, all of which pushes really interesting content with meaningful resolutions.

Recommended video and playlists:

Philosophy(ish) (playlist)

Bedtime Stories (playlist)


Exurb1a creates witty and essentially existential videos in which he questions the fundamental positions of our existence in the universe, and he does this with humour (while still being incredibly informative). Covering specifically philosophical ideas or more intuitive feelings and experiences, Exurb1a truly is an interesting channel to explore.

Recommended videos:

Recommended playlist:


Einzelgänger presents deep explorations into different areas of philosophy, such as Taoist, Stoic and Buddhist philosophy. The videos created present information in a very clear and interactive way. Einzelgänger also creates interactive exercises for you to explore these philosophical ideas further more personally.

Recommended playlists:


Podcasts are brilliant for introducing new concepts in a very easy and accessible format, perfect for your daily commutes into university or around campus! Here are a few of my favourites...

On Spotify

Covering a broad range of philosophical areas and specific philosophers, this podcast is perfect for exploring a range of philosophical ideas and exposing yourself to many different schools of thoughts (with 159 episodes to date!). All episodes are presented in clear segments so you can easily choose new ideas to digest. Some of the areas covered are Spinoza, Descartes, Emil Ciorian, Camus, and so many more!

You can also find this podcast on YouTube here!

On YouTube

All of the podcasts below are created by YouTube channels in the previous section, so the presenter’s style, wit and general ideas build on the brand they have in the channels linked above!

Capturing his wit and eloquence, Sisyphus 55 covers topics such as memory, God & afterlife, academics, creativity, psychosis & schizophrenia, and connectivity of the modern age!

Mystiverse provides interesting discussions with other philosophy YouTubers, covering topics such as consciousness, meaning, existence and motivation!

The Cosmic Skeptic Podcast brings Alex together with leading experts in their respective fields to discuss philosophical issues with competent professionals.

I hope these are useful to your journey with philosophy outside of (sometimes dreary) scholarly articles and books! Most importantly, I hope this encourages you to include philosophy in your daily routine and facilitates your desire to learn.


Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Communications & Welfare Officer and Editor for Ethica

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Dec 02, 2021

Some great ideas here!

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