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Welcome to the Ethica blog!

Hello, and welcome to the Ethica blog. We have been looking forward to launching this exciting addition to the journal for a while and could not be happier that it is finally here, live, for you to see!

All of the following information will be reiterated on the ‘Submissions’ page of the website, so feel free to have an explore and read through the instructions. We would be delighted to feature your writing on our blog and welcome content from any undergraduate student!

The basic idea behind this blog is to make philosophy more accessible for anyone wanting to engage with the discipline. We are looking to transfer Ethica’s high standard of writing to a succinct and compelling discussion within a particular philosophical topic or that extends beyond academic philosophy.

Comments will be open on all posts published on the blog and we encourage active discussion about the topics and ideas raised by our contributors. We will work to keep the space welcoming and safe for all.

You can submit your writing to us for either of two forms of blog post:

  1. Evergreen content – this could be anything from study tips, degree related pieces, book / media recommendations, etc., and we are looking for these types of blog posts to be reasonably short, within a range of 300 to 700 words

  2. Philosophical posts – this could be anything from a philosophical book / paper review (less formal and shorter than the reviews published in the journal itself), an introduction to a philosophical idea or philosopher that you find interesting, a brief discussion on a fascinating philosophical concept or area, etc., and we are looking for these types of blog posts to be slightly longer, within a range of 500 to 1,000 words.

As mentioned, you can find more details about submissions on the website here.

If you have any questions, please let us know! We are available through our contact form here and our email,

I hope you are looking forward to reading our blog as much as we are excited to put it out there for you!


Social Media Officer, Web Designer and Blog Manager for Ethica


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